Conference lunches

Twice a month, the Cercle welcomes an important individual from the financial, economic or political world on the occasion of a lunch, which is followed by a presentation or a question and answer session. These bi-monthly meetings, which are reserved for members, regularly bring together over a hundred participants who are happy with a formula that brings together the pleasure of quality cooking and the interest inherent in a high level discussion. 

Lunch meetings

Meeting lunches are convivial occasions during which a personality (whether or not a member of the Cercle) who is recognised in the academic, economic, financial or political world is invited to lunch with members who register for this activity. This is an opportunity for members to get to know those who come to share their experience.  

Diplomatic round tables

Personalities in the world of economics rarely have the opportunity to meet those from the world of diplomacy, despite the fact that Belgium welcomes an extremely high number of diplomatic representatives: to the King and the European Union but also to NATO. It is to remedy this that the Cercle arranges “diplomatic round tables” during which members have the privilege of meeting the principal ambassadors posted to Belgium. 

The Cercle’s miscellaneous activities

In addition to its lunches, the Cercle arranges outside activities: visits to firms, cultural exhibitions, participation in openings, cocktail parties etc.

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Member Benefits

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Hunting activity

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