The Cercle is the Members’ home. Its members come from the country’s two main language communities. The premises are reserved for company directors, members of the professions, diplomats and European civil servants as well as individuals from the worlds of academia and politics.

Most of those involved in our economic and political life have plenty of opportunities to take part in meetings up and downstream of their business sector. These could in some ways be described as vertical meetings. It is more unusual and more difficult to provide the opportunity for lateral meetings, which are perhaps less “focussed” in their content but so rewarding and so open to the economic, cultural and political environment.

It is to this multidisciplinary community that the Cercle, through varied activities bringing together work and leisure in a very special setting, brings a means of sharing experience.

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Member Benefits

Ado Chale

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Festival Ars in Cathedralis

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Member Benefits

AG Insurance Mémorial Van Damm ...

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Hunting activity

Chasse à Oudoumont