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Afterwork conference: Biotech night

Biotech Night

With: Bone Therapeutics, Fund+ & Promethera

Biotech in Belgium: Fundraising & challenges

The biotechnology sector, which is a booming sector and source of hope, contributes to the economic development of our country, as well as to the well-being of all and the prolongation of our lifetimes.
Cell therapy, which is at the heart of the innovation, consists of treating a suffering organ by using stem cells.
In Belgium, 5 champions emerge: Tigenix, Bone Therapeutics, Novadip, Celyad and Promethera.
Each of these companies faces a succession of challenges in order to bring their products onto the market. However, each one faces a recurrent need: to raise significant funds.
Some by introducing themselves to the stock exchange, with their rollercoaster-like stock prices and others by raising funds from individuals and institutions who are often frustrated by the delays in clinical developments and trials.
Beyond these challenges, the companies represent an opportunity for young graduates in a wide range of sectors, such as life sciences, medical research, intellectual property management, financial management, the IPO process and communication.
Whether you are young, an investor or simply interested in these societal challenges, come and attend a debate between several of the CEOs of these companies and a manager of a fund specialising in Life Sciences, who will discuss the opportunities and challenges which this booming sector represents and the way they are managed.
Debate led by Michel Helbig (Past Chairman Bone Therapeutics and Managing Partner of the Nausicaa-Ventures Fund).

This evening is open to non-members.
A sandwich buffet and drinks will be served after the conference.


25,00€ Inclusief BTW Leden   25,00€ Inclusief BTW Uitgenodigde niet-leden

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